Advanced Communications Technology


Creating telecommunications Networks for large Private and Government Sectors with systems cover huge circle of geographical zones and provide adequate bandwidth to support client’s data, media and fixed-line telephone advanced communications technology remains more than just a challenge for all businesses.

With Gigabyte Passive Optical Network-GPON the bandwidth demand is no longer be far ahead of supply, and stuck with the problems of classical copper-based infrastructure will not be witnessed anymore. So upgrading the existing networks to Fibre Optic technology will release you from your technical headache and reduce your costs.

We at Tamdeed Projects know-how and have the capacity to migrate your existing networks to Fibre Optic Networks and create a state-of-the-art fibre-optic delivery system connecting your headquarters with all your branches and sub-offices, and we are ready to receiving your approaches, listen to your requirements and work together to put in change management to schedule downtime and to schedule outages all at competitive prices and effective costs.